CFSK partners with Mama Doing Good, Huawei to train 100 Women in Nairobi

CFSK Partners with Mama Doing Good, Huawei to Train 100 Women Digital Skills

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In today’s digital age, the ability to harness the power of digital tools and platforms is crucial for personal and economic empowerment. At Computers for Schools Kenya (CFSK), we recognize the immense potential in providing digital literacy training, particularly for women, to equip them with the skills necessary to thrive in an increasingly digital world.

CFSK has been at the forefront of a groundbreaking collaboration with MaMa Doing Good, along with Huawei Kenya, to deliver digital literacy training to 100 women who are members of the Joyful Women Organization. This partnership aims to provide women with the necessary knowledge, skills, and information to enhance their businesses and economic empowerment, ensuring inclusivity in the digital age.

Our Women Empowerment Program is designed to teach ICT skills to women, ranging from basic IT and computer studies to diploma-level training in IT. Through this initiative, we seek to bridge the digital divide and offer cost-effective, targeted, and measurable ways for women to connect with their customers and grow their businesses.

The training program, conducted by experienced trainers from CFSK, has been intensive, interactive, and informative, delivering essential digital literacy and safety classes to these women. The significance of computer literacy in the digital age cannot be overstated, and this initiative equips women with the skills to repair, maintain, and leverage digital technology to enhance and grow their businesses.

One of the key elements of our collaboration includes delivering free digital literacy training to the youth in Uasin Gishu, further expanding the reach of our efforts to empower individuals with essential digital skills.

At CFSK, we are deeply satisfied knowing that our collaboration is empowering the next generation of Kenyans with digital skills, education, and opportunities. We firmly believe that by equipping women with digital literacy skills, we are not only providing them with tools for personal and professional growth but also contributing to the overall economic development and inclusivity in the digital era.

As we continue to propel Kenya into the digital age, we are committed to fostering collaborations and initiatives that lead to lasting and meaningful impact. The success of this collaborative effort wit h MaMa Doing Good and Huawei Kenya is just one example of our dedication to empowering individuals through digital literacy.

We look forward to witnessing the positive transformations that will result from these women acquiring digital literacy skills and leveraging digital tools to enhance and grow their businesses, ultimately contributing to the economic empowerment and inclusivity of women in the digital age.

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