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About Computers For Schools Kenya, CFSK

Propelling Kenya in the Digital Age

Who We Are

Computers for Schools Kenya (CFSK) is a charitable non-governmental organization registered in the year 2002, and now has eight Regional Centres hosted by various Government institutions country-wide. Our head office is located in Mihango Utawala, Embakasi, off the Eastern Bypass near the AP/GSU Training College Nairobi, Kenya.

In the 18 years of existence, CFSK has sourced for over 400,200 Personal Computers fully installed with requisite software and deployed in well over 12,010 Public Secondary and Primary schools, Technical Institutes, Teacher Training Colleges, Medical Training Centres and several Universities. We also operate a comprehensive technical maintenance support programme for these computers to ensure they are fully operational. In a number of these institutions, we have also placed power generators, established Local Area networks and Internet connectivity.

We have successfully developed digital multimedia teaching and learning resources specifically intended for our national Secondary School curriculum – providing both teachers and students with an invaluable modern tool that makes learning stimulating. We have also carried out computer proficiency training to over 100,000 school principals, Education Officers and teachers.

In a quest to preserve and conserve the environment, CFSK established the first e-waste management facility in Kenya – the WEEE Centre, for recycling and disposal of all electronic wastes.

Our organizational and operational model has been recognized as an exemplar, with ongoing efforts to replicate the same in other African countries such as Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda, Nigeria, South Sudan, Malawi and Namibia.

CFSK is a partnership of communities, private sector corporations, civil society organizations, and international charities and development partners working together for the long term good of the nation.

CFSK’s considerable success is directly attributed to these close partnerships, as a result of which an estimated 1.5 Million young Kenyans now have access to information and communication technologies.

Our Vision

The establishment of an information rich Kenyan society actively participating in sustainable national development

Our Mission

Empowering young Kenyans for life in a knowledge base society by facilitating the development of ICT infrastructure and capacity.

Our Partners