Our Projects


CFSK in collaboration with other stakeholders has been offering youth empowerment programs at Mihang’o Where our offices are located and  across the country.                                .


CFSK in collaboration with airtel Kenya  has provided  free internet to several public  schools across the country    .                                                                                         .


Cfsk in collaboration with intel has offered enterpreneurship and digital literacy training to over 200 women from Mihang’o location  in Nairobi.                                                         .

Exchange program

Through  Change through exchange cfsk has been practising exchange of employees with simmilar companies in other countries  hence enhancing employer performance .                                       .


Deployment of ICT infastructure to all TVET institutions in Nandi  county  they received  300 quality computers, 15 servers for e-learning content, 15 intelligent UPS and LAN setup. They also received ICT training .


This is  a truck fully equipped with ICT infrastructure used to train digital literacy to the most  remote parts of the country of Kenya . Its solar powered hence able to operate in areas  without electricity . Made possible  by  CFSK partners Close the gap , Huawei  & Arrow         .


CFSK  has launched  tablets  installed  with KICD content  , These has been done in partnership with longhorn .Some where recently supplied to Kakuma and dadaab refugee camps


Computerization of   Centres Project: Supported by ChildFund Kenya .Program officers and teachers from these centres were trained on computerapplications.


ARES  is an internet in a box server where by students from remote areas can access educational material  without connecting to the internet                               



CFSK helped in installation of devices for an e-learning centre and training at Ilkerin Loita Development Project (ILIDP)The main aim of the program was to place ICT infrastructure and equip teachers.with the requisite skills, attitude and knowledge on how to use of ICT  in classrooms.


IICD engaged CFSK in 2013 to deliver 2,000 tablets to pupils and teachers at Donbosco in Lilongwe, Malawi for primary school education. All the 2,000 devices were integrated with classroom management software for monitoring and administration of classroom activities.


Partners Poland Foundation engaged CFSK in 2012 to provide computers and training on digital literacy. This training component was aimed at equipping teachers with adequate knowledge and skills to enable them obtain basic proficiency in the use and application of ICT in the workplace and work processes


In the recent past (2011), Plan international Kisumu branch engaged CFSK to provide consultancy services in training school teachers from selected school within Kisumu District. The training program lasted for three weeks and focused on Basic Skills Training in ICT.CFSK provided training infrastructure and personnel


The project was successfully implemented by establishing model ICT-I integrated Youth Polytechnics in five constituencies in Kenya namely, Mathioya, Runyenjes, Yatta, Matungu, and Laikipia.Each of the five youth polytechnics received training, quality desktop computers and hea printer with scanner. 


In the year 2011-2012, Post Bank Kenya undertook to sponsor several learning institutions with the provision of computers and ICT training. The project was a resounding success and a plan for continued implementation of the same in other institutions is ongoing to equip more schools.


Barclays and Digital Links International launched a three year project in 2006 to bring ICT benefits to over a quarter million school children in East Africa, by placing computers to schools in the region.To date CFSK as the local partner provides training, monitoring and evaluation.


This is a kisumu based Community based organisation  CBO that aims to promote   rural development.In the year 2011 and 2014 partnership with CFSK, the project placed over 100 computers and offered ICT training to beneficiaries across their centers of operation in Kisumu town .


In its sub-program of ICT integration in Education initiatives joint efforts with CFSK in a project of equipping all KMTC’s across Kenya with 20 computers each as well as teacher training on integrating e-learning .  (CFSK) developed the E-learning platform and provided training on the same.

ICT Infrastructure

The KCB Foundation in partnership with CFSK in the year 2009 unveiled a three year project that  promoted quality teaching and learning through ICT inrural secondary schools in Kenya.They ensured that at least one school in each of the forty seven (47) counties had a working computer laboratory .

ICT Infrastructure

CFSK collaborated with Safaricom foundation to supply ICT infrastructure By the end of the project, benefits of ICT had reached over 64,000 youth and has also so far provided 10,000 computing devices to over 500 schools .


ICT Infrastructure

Computer for schools Kenya has been supplying computers to institutions   and also individuals .CFSK further offers computer maintenance and software installations .The said computers or ICT appliances have a one year warranty and free maintenance for the pwaranty period .

ICT Infrastructure

Computers for schools Kenya (CFSK) had a delegation with the Deputy President of Kenya at the Karen office where CFSK donated computers to Rong’e Juu Youth Polytechnic in Taita Taveta County and will be offering training to create capacity.