ILIDP: ICT Integration in Teaching and Learning

CFSK helped in installation of devices for an e-learning centre and training at Ilkerin Loita Development Project (ILIDP). ICT integration in teaching and learning training is part of the project run by ILIDP that targets primary school teachers and pupils. The main aim of the program was to place ICT infrastructure and equip teachers with the requisite skills, attitude and knowledge on how to use ICT to improve pedagogy and curriculum delivery in classrooms. It was implemented in Loita Division of Narok County with the support of IICD through the Connect4Change (C4C) project. ILIDP is a local NGO that runs an integrated program on rural development in which education and training for the marginalized communities has taken a centre stage with special focus on the integration of ICT in the learning environments.

Training content for ICT Integration in Teaching and Learning is the concept of Computers for schools Kenya

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