February 6-03-2020


Digitruck kisumu training

CFSK in partnership with Close The Gap, WEEE centre, World Loop, Digital Pipeline Africa, Arrow Electronics, ICT Authority(Kenya), NEMA, National Environment Trust FUND (Kenya), Ministry of Environment & Forestry and the Council of Governors-Kenya has launched a mobile training center (The DigiTruck) for technical skills in a bid to enhance its capacity to facilitate technology-related skills at county levels in Kenya. The project, will see regional trainees trained on new generation computing, E-Waste Management, and related technologies. It will also help in sensitizing communities on responsible e-waste disposal in Kericho .

Regional trainees will include, but not limited to: The Youth, Women and Teachers

Enter the DigiTruck. A 40-foot steel cargo container converted into a mobile computing unit. It is equipped with solar panels capable of fully powering it for several days at a time so it can reach remote rural villages with no electricity. The DigiTruck is also triple-insulated to protect against heat. Inside the DigiTruck includes laptops, tablets, printers, routers and a LED TV flat-screen monitor. See more Pictures

Educating for the future

We believe education is the foundation for a bright future. Together, CFSK and Close the Gap are changing lives through creative and sustainable solutions in Kenya.