Safaricom Foundation :Computer Hardware and Training

Safaricom Foundation : Computer Hardware and Training:

Safaricom Foundation has been collaborating with CFSK since 2006 to extend the benefits of ICT Infrastructure and Training to Schools in rural Kenya. CFSK worked closely with Computer Aid International in the sourcing and shipping of the 1, 600 computers that were deployed to 80 learning institutions for a project in 2006.

The project contributed to the generalization of use in the area of information and communication technologies. It allowed students from the 80 rural schools become familiar with such tools and thus benefitting from equality in education, independent of social class.

In this project, Safaricom provided generators to schools outside the main power grid, facilitated training for teachers and provided maintenance support. By the end of the project, benefits of ICT had reached over 64,000 youths and community members. CFSK has so far provided 10,000 computing devices to over 500 schools in partnership with Safaricom Foundation.

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