Partners Poland Foundation: Computer Hardware and Training

Partners Poland Foundation is a Polish NGO registered in 1995 committed to building sustainable local capacity to advance civil society and a culture of change and conflict management. The Foundation is associated with the international non-governmental organisation, “Partners for Democratic Change” which has offices in the USA and national Centers in Argentina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Georgia, Hungary, Jordan, Lithuania, Romania, and Slovakia. The Partners Poland Foundation is the member of the “GrupaZagranica”.

Partners Poland Foundation engaged CFSK in 2012 to provide computers and training on digital literacy. This training component was aimed at equipping teachers with adequate knowledge and skills to enable them obtain basic proficiency in the use and application of ICT in the workplace and work processes. The direct targets of the course were teachers from informal schools in Nairobi Kenya. Training was designed in such a manner as to impart the requisite basic ICT skills to the above mentioned to enable them become proficient in development of digital content for teaching, online research of teaching materials, and management of school records and all the other aspects of administration related to the schools.

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