Computerization of Community Centres

Computer for schools Kenya (CFSK) in collaboration with ChildFund is equipping Vocational/Resource Centres in Kenya with computers to give adequate opportunities for the local youth to gain hands on skills for employment opportunities.

The project targets different groups of youths namely: Youths who dropped out of primary school; those who completed primary education but never joined secondary school; secondary school drop outs; those who finished secondary school and never joined any tertiary institution; those who dropped out of tertiary institutions; and some who completed tertiary education and training to equip them with required skills to enter the job market.

The project has seen several community centres such as Inkisanjani in Oloitokitok, Mutonga, Mwala, Ishiara, Maka, Marigat, Machakos, Tunyai Wamunyu, and Ngwatanio Child and Family centres placed with computers.

With  the establishment and equipping of the vocational center this has  improved digital literacy and hands on skills of the local youth and population thus promoting youth employment whereby youths will become work-ready in either formal or self-employment

The training opportunity for the increasing number of school leavers has  enabled them to be self-supporting; develop practical skills and attitude which will lead to income-generating activities in the urban and rural areas through self-employment or wages acquisition; provide the technical knowledge and vocational skills necessary to enhance the pace of Kenya’s development;

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