Donbosco Malawi  – IICD: Deployment of Tablets and Training

International Institute for Communication and Development (IICD) is the lead agent of the Connect4Change (C4C) consortium. The Connect4Change consortium comprises of Dutch development and ICT specialized organizations including IICD, Akvo, Cordaid, Edukans and ICCO. Connect4Change seeks innovative solutions based on internet and mobile devices to accelerate the achievement of development goals and bring poverty and exclusion to an end. C4C’s mission is to strengthen people and civil society organizations in the sustainable use of and lobby for ICT to achieve their development goals.

IICD engaged CFSK in 2013 to deliver 2,000 tablets to pupils and teachers at Donbosco in Lilongwe, Malawi for primary school education. All the 2,000 devices were integrated with classroom management software for monitoring and administration of classroom activities.

Teachers in the school were also effectively trained on ICT integration in teaching and learning.

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