Women Empowerment Program

Digital literacy training for women in kenya has been a priority for computer for schools kenya .

The project aims at empowering women to embrace modern day technology in entrepreneurship while facilitating proper funding to enable them set up thriving enterprises that manufactures products that can be sold locally and internationally. CFSK has provided these women with a golden opportunity to grow in knowledge and skills in the digital era when capitalized would help them run successful businesses and provide for their families.

The CFSK’s Women Development Program brings together a range of global and local partners, with strong gender, ICT, and development programming expertise, relevant content for women, computing infrastructure, and experience providing digital literacy and entrepreneurship training.


With the proper use of ICTs, women micro entrepreneurs can improve the efficiency and outreach of their businesses and achieve the higher levels of profitability needed to spur the impetus for and catalyze the move toward the formalization of their businesses.

CFSK is aware that different women entrepreneurs have different sector needs and therefore the training content and delivery was tailored to meet specific needs of different groups.

Women Empowerment Program

The women Empowerment program is designed to teach women ICT skills ranging from basic IT, computer studies to diploma level in IT.