Microsoft Authorised Refurbisher


CFSK has recently been certified to be a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher,  by meeting specific

standards in refurbished computer shipment.

with CFSK being a large refurbisher who can commit to a specific number of PCs shipped through   per month/year we have thus been certified.

What is MAR ?

The program makes available Windows operating systems such as Windows 7 & 10 for refurbished Pc’s at a subsidised price. CFSK is listed as a Microsoft Authorized Refurbishers under it’s subsidary company “Digital Pipeline Africa”.

How Can I benefit ?

The MAR program is still being worked on & is yet to be operational, CFSK is undergoing last stage clarifications by Microsoft East Africa before it begins.

The MAR programme is designed to provide windows OS systems licences to the following

  • Computer Refurbishers.
  • Educational Institutions.

How it works ?

If you deal in PC’s or are selling PC’s locally, you will be required to ensure that they have Genuine Microsoft OS’s & as such we are aware that a Microsoft Licenses in Kenya range between Ksh8000-Ksh13000, this makes it very costly however with MAR the programme you can expect to pay about   Ksh 1,500 (NB. not official price just an estimate) upon commencement.

  • The Licence Keys are meant to be installed on a PC by Refurbishers.
  • Large institutions such us University “X” or School “X” can aslo request for licence keys for their computer Lab’s & or other Pc’s within their Institution.

NB institutions/dealers that DO Not have  genuine windows licence’s are prone to receive official warning! letters from Microsoft East Africa.

If you have any questions about programme commencement or general queries, please contact us.

Tel: (+254) 20 2060919/20

Mobile: +254 720 350 930